OJSC "Giprosvjaz". Certification

The Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus
The Certification body of telecommunication facilities of Open Join Stock Company "Giprosvyaz"
The certificate of accreditation BY/112 Registration date on May, 14th, 1997, Surganov's street, 24, 220012, Minsk, tel.: +375 17 331 49 70, fax: +375 17 207 34 66.

The certification body of telecommunication facilities is a part of OJSC "Giprosvyaz". It is accredited in the National system of acknowledgement of conformity of the Republic of Belarus and functions since 1994 in the market of services in obligatory and voluntary certification of telecommunication facilities of domestic and foreign manufacture. The purpose of the certification body is to prevent the use of the equipment in the communication networks for general use parametres which do not correspond to technical normative legal acts operating in the Republic of Belarus.

The certification body is the organization independent in the legal and economic relation from developers, manufacturers, the customers, trading organizations and other parties interested in certification of telecommunication facilities.

Certification of telecommunication facilities is realized by rules and procedures stated in technical codes of National system of acknowledgement of conformity of the Republic of Belarus.

Obligatory certification of telecommunication facilities is implemented by indicators providing the requirements on parametres of safety, preservation of the environment and technical compatibility with communication networks of the general using of the Republic of Belarus.

Tests for certification are perfomed in the accredited test laboratories.

Certification of telecommunication facilities includes the basic stages:
  • Applying for certification and the provision annexed materials, documents, background information about the safety and quality products. Form of application for certification of telecommunications is drawn by the applicant in Russian.

  • Analysis of the technical documentation for telecommunication facilities, a decision on the application and registration of contract for works.

  • Production identification, sampling of production and carrying out of tests. Carrying out of an estimation of a condition of manufacture (if it is provided by the certification scheme).

  • Registration and delivery of the certificate of conformity.

  • The Inspection control over the certificated of telecommunication facilities and prolongation of period of validity of the certificate (if it is provided by the certification scheme).
Applicant for a certificate of compliance can be a legal person who applied for certification of products.

Applicant for certification of products, serial and mass production can be a manufacturer or an officially authorized representative, who transferred the right to certify products.

Area of accreditation of certification body telecommunication facilities:
  • Telephone switching station.

  • Commutating stations cable and telex communication of all types.

  • Equipment of the notification, the alarm system, operative, dispatching and loud-speaking communication with an exit on a telecommunication of public network.

  • Telephone sets for wire communication with a wireless tube, radio equipment of DECT technology.

  • Telephone sets of all types.

  • Fax machines, a fax - modems, a fax - payments.

  • Subscriber terminal stations of cable and telex connection (teleprinters), telegraphs, telex and teletypes.

  • The network equipment of data transmission which works on communication lines of the public application or an optical fibre (servers of remote access, routers, switchboards, concentrators, repeaters, converters, optimizers, etc., ups, modems of all types, equipment of pulse-code modulation, multiplexers, equipment SDH, PDH, ATM, equipment for videoconferences, IP - a telephony, access to a network "Internet".).

  • Systems of power supplies of telecommunication facilities.

  • Radio transmitters for radiotelephony, radiotelegraphic communication, broadcasting, TV, system of a personal radio call.

  • Stationary, mobile portable radio transceivers, the equipment of communication of the standard tetra. (Complete with charging devices).

  • Radio equipment of a cellular mobile communication (base stations, repeaters, mobile phones for cellular networks complete with charging devices).

  • The centers of switching of system of a mobile communication of standard GSM.

  • Radio relay stations and stations of tropospheric scatter.

  • The equipment of local radio networks of data transmission using technology of expansion of a spectrum.

  • Portable radio stations of standard GSM for application in cellular radio-telecommunication.

  • MMDS television transmitters.

  • Terrestrial stations of a satellite communication.

  • Cables of communication and cable connectors (including fiber-optical).

  • Electric accumulators.

  • The equipment for television broadcast.

  • Computer aids.
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