28 operators have a license to provide postal services in the republic

Currently the postal network of the Republic of Belarus consists of more than 4 000 postal objects.

At present the postal market of the Republic of Belarus is fast growing. License for public postal services for forwarding of postal items and subscription to printed media and its delivery is provided to 28 postal operators, including 21 of them to forwarding of postal items, and 7 of them to accepting print media subscriptions and delivering it.

According to the Integrated Index for Postal Development 2022 of the Universal Postal Union, the Republic of Belarus has been ranked 13th place among 172 countries of the world (in 2021 Belarus took the 14th place among 168 countries). This ranking provides overview of postal development at any country or region based on four dimensions: reliability, reach, relevance and resilience.

In the Republic of Belarus, among the innovations and achievements in the field of postal communication services implemented recently on the basis of
IT-technologies that contribute to improving the quality of life support for the population has been the development of the national postal electronic system, the expansion of the network of post offices, the introduction of the "Mobile Postman" service and an electronic advance system for legal entities.

The National Postal Electronic system is a convenient and fast way of sending simple and registered letters in electronic and hybrid form with confirmation of the fact of delivery. The number of registered users in the national electronic mail system was 2707 users (130 legal entities, 34 individual entrepreneurs and 2543 individuals).

Also, the new services offered by the national postal operator include an Electronic Advance System for legal entities. This is a digitized analogue of a printed advance book, which allows online crediting and debiting of funds for postal services, monitoring the flow of funds in a personal account 24/7, paying for a wide range of postal services, including sending messages through the national postal electronic system. The number of concluded contracts for the provision of services using the electronic advance system is 7213 units.

The provision of postal services to users through the "Mobile Postman" service made it possible to automate the work of postman / postal couriers and provide settlements, including in rural areas, with modern services based on information and communication technologies. Currently, there are 5845 units operating in the Republic of Belarus.

In order to develop an additional round-the-clock channel for receiving postal services, increase the level of customer service and reduce the waiting time for receiving registered mail, the network and functionality of automated parcel lockers (self-service devices) continues to expand. The network of automated parcel lockers of the Republic of Belarus currently consists of 89 units.

The implementation of an Automated Customer Flow Management System is continuing, which allows distributing the flows of users of postal services and speeding up the process of their service in postal facilities. Currently, this system operates in 308 postal facilities with two or more operating windows.

From October 26 to 27, 2022, the Communications Administration of the Republic of Belarus, represented by Natalia Mikhailovna Gordeenko - the Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization, took part in the meetings of the Council of Administration of the Universal Postal Union, which were held in Bern, Swiss Confederation.

The meetings discussed strategic measures aimed at the development of postal communications in the member countries of the Universal Postal Union, the impact of the postal sector on achieving the sustainable development Goals of the Universal Postal Union, trends and driving forces for achieving the volume of international mail that developed before the COVID19 pandemic.

Topical issues of the implementation of the Global Strategy for Cooperation and Development for 2022-2025, disaster risk management and emergency assistance, the mechanism of technical assistance to expand access to financial services (FITAF), the work of the Service Quality Improvement Fund were also considered.

Philatelic exhibitions are a unique opportunity through philately to get acquainted with the history of Belarus and the achievements of the Belarusian people in various fields of activity, world culture.

Thus, the national postal operator in 2022 was awarded the following awards:

gold commemorative medal for the exposition "2022 – the year of historical memory" following the results of the international philatelic exhibition

gold commemorative medal and diploma for the exhibition "Belarus Sportivnaya" following the results of the international philatelic exhibition
"OlympFil Russia 2022";

gold medal for the exhibition "Belarus on postage stamps" (postage stamps issued after January 1, 2019) following the results of the international philatelic exhibition "CAPE TOWN 2022";

gold commemorative medal and diploma for the exhibition
"2022 – The Year of Hysterical Memory" following the results of the philatelic exhibition "Brest–2022".

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