Belarus is achieving success in ICT development

The Ministry of Communications, as a regulatory body, carries out wide-range work aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which are within the competence of the Ministry.

The implementation of a number of activities on the construction and modernization of telecommunication networks, the construction of fiber-optic communication lines directly to the consumer, and the development of cellular mobile telecommunication networks contributed to the implementation of the tasks required to achieve the SDGs.

For example, SDG goal 9.c is in the final stages of its mission to significantly expand access to information and communication technologies.  

Due to the successfully completed work, 99.9% of the population of Belarus is covered by the second and third generation mobile cellular telecommunications networks. The coverage of the population of the republic by the fourth generation network has increased to 99%.

Since 2011, Beltelecom has been implementing a project to transfer its subscriber base to a hardware-software IMS platform, which allows, when connected to a data network, to provide subscribers with a full range of telecommunications services via one subscriber line.

Today we have more than 3.77 million subscribers connected to the IMS platform.  Also, about 3.2 million subscribers have high-speed Internet access, of which 80% of subscribers use Internet access at speed of more than 10 Mbit/s, with more than 50% at speed of 100 Mbit/s and higher, which also indicates successful achievement of SDG goal 17.6.

It is to be mentioned the fact that with a country’s territory of 207 thousand km², the total length of fiber-optic communication lines in our country is about 200 thousand km. This made it possible to provide connections to about 70% of the republic’s households via fiber optics.