Summing up and recalling important events and achievements of 2021 in the field of communications and informatization

On the eve of the new year, by tradition, we summarize and recall the most significant events and achievements in the field of communications and informatization. Throughout the year, the most relevant information about the activities of the Ministry of Communications has always been available on the website and in official communities in social networks. Today in the chronicle of events - important projects, events and dates of 2021.

In 2021, the implementation of the State Program “Digital Development of Belarus” for 2021–2025 began. Based on the results of the implementation of previous programs, the necessary basis was formed for the transition to high-tech standards for providing services to the population, making management decisions and implementing key business processes. In particular, the development of the national information and communication infrastructure has been ensured. Significant progress has been made in the field of e-Government.

The year 2021 is marked by the transition to the use of ID-cards, which will become an alternative to the internal passport of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus and will open up a wide range of opportunities for the population to receive public services online. The introduction of ID-cards will stimulate the active translation of many interaction processes into electronic form. The Ministry of Communications and Informatization acted as a driving force, becoming a customer of the complex of information systems designed to collect biometric data, organize the production and issuance of ID-cards, identify users (individuals and legal entities) using ID-cards in order to provide them with e-services (administrative procedures).

The modernization of the National Automated Information System (NAIS), which is the core of the “e-Government”, has been carried out. As a result, citizens are given the opportunity to remotely receive legally significant electronic documents and other information. The appearance of the ID-card and modernization of the digital platform of the “e-Government” will become a powerful impetus for the effective interaction of citizens with the State.

In 2021, the practical implementation of the project “Smart Cities of Belarus” of the State Program “Digital Development of Belarus” for 2021–2025 was launched. This is a backbone infrastructure project providing for the creation of a standard digital platform “Smart City (Region)” and its implementation after 2022 in Minsk, regional centers and eleven cities of the country (Orsha, Baranovichy, Pinsk, Novopolotsk, Polotsk, Mozyr, Lida, Borisov, Soligorsk, Molodechno, Bobruisk).

New technologies and services were introduced in the field of telecommunications and postal services. RUE Beltelecom continued to develop a powerful modern infrastructure. Our country has become one of the leaders in the penetration of fiber-optic communication lines in households. Today the company is working on technological projects that will be in demand by the digital economy.

According to the FTTH Council Europe, which held a forum on the penetration of FTTH/B technology in households, Belarus takes the leading position with a penetration rate of 68.4%.

The Republic of Belarus for the first time topped its regional group in the ranking of the Integrated Index for Postal Development of the Universal Postal Union for 2021, taking 14th place among 168 countries of the world (in 2020, the Republic of Belarus took 20th place out of 170 countries).

In order to expand the range of postal services provided to users, ensure the possibility of sending postal items in electronic form, as well as state guarantees of the availability and quality of universal postal services, the national postal electronic system was put into operation in 2021.

In 2021, Belarus entered the top 20 in terms of “Access to ICT” according to the “Global Innovation Index 2021”, taking 16th place out of 132 possible.

Today, almost the entire population of the Republic (97.4%) is covered by cellular mobile telecommunication services of the LTE (4G) standard.

In terms of its specific weight in the composition of GDP of the Republic, the share of industry is 7.5 percent.

Currently, within the framework of the Union State, the joint work with the Russian side is being completed to cancel roaming. Among the main results of this work, it should be noted that since September 1, 2021, a transition has been made from the trial operation of communication channels to continuous cooperation under the conditions of reduced international interconnect rates for roaming traffic, reduced interoperator roaming rates and comfortable subscriber roaming rates in the Union State.

After a one-year break, Minsk hosted the International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies TIBO-2021. 141 organizations from 10 countries of the world took part in the TIBO-2021 exhibition. The event was supported at the highest level. The President of the Republic of Belarus sent a welcoming address to the participants and guests of TIBO-2021. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus took part in the opening of the forum followed by a visit to the exhibition display. Within the framework of the TIBO-2021 forum and exhibition, experts discussed modern technologies, their impact on the economy and growth of humanity as a whole. Open discussions were organized on various topics: e-government, smart cities, smart production, doing business, education for the future, etc.

In 2021, three organizations of the Ministry of Communications were represented on the Republican Board of Honor - RUE Beltelecom and Grodno Branch of RUE Beltelecom, Belarusian State Academy of Communications. Anniversary dates from the date of formation this year were celebrated by the Minsk City Telephone Exchange Branch (125 years) and the State Enterprise “BelGIE” (25 years).

At the end of the year, the Ministry of Communications and Informatization and a large team of communications workers are already setting tasks for the future. First of all, professional efforts will be aimed at creating the necessary legal conditions for the accelerated and effective digital development of the country. The second important task is the implementation of the State Program “Digital Development of Belarus” for 2021 - 2025 and the achievement of the goals set in it. The focus is also on the development of advanced telecommunication and postal services.

Thus, the Ministry, together with the organizations within its system, are ready to implement all the tasks set for the benefit of the present and future of our State.