Currently the postal network of the Republic of Belarus consists of more than 4 000 postal objects.

At present the postal market of the Republic of Belarus is fast growing. License for public postal services for forwarding of postal items and subscription to printed media and its delivery is provided to 32 postal operators, including 25 of them to forwarding of postal items.

For the first time, according to the Integrated Index for Postal Development 2021 of the Universal Postal Union, the Republic of Belarus led its regional group and has been ranked 14th place among 168 countries of the world (in 2020 Belarus took the 20th place among 170 countries). This ranking provides overview of postal development at any country or region based on four dimensions: reliability, reach, relevance and resilience.

Reference: The Republic of Belarus became the leader in the Eastern Europe and the CIS regional group (Armenia, Latvia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Estonia, Albania, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Poland, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Russia, Czech Rep., Bulgaria, Tajikistan).

The National Postal Electronic System operating in the Republic of Belarus insures state guarantees of access to and quality of universal postal services by provision comfortable operating time of postal network for customers and compliance with the required quality and privacy of posts guaranteed by state.

Provision of postal services through hardware and software complex “Mobile Postman” enables to provide modern services based on information and communications technologies in rural areas and reduce digital inequality to grow social and economic opportunity of citizens. Currently there are 4 972 units.

The network and functionality of parcel lockers (self-service devices) growing enables to develop additional 24-hour channel for providing postal services, to improve customer service, and to reduce the waiting time during registered postal items receipt. The network of parcel lockers of the Republic of Belarus includes 62 units.

The automated system of customer flow management implementation enables to manage by postal service users flows and to improve process of its servicing at the postal objects. At the present time, this system operates in 208 postal objects having two and more counters.

The 27th Universal Postal Congress took place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, from 9 to 27 August 2021. For the first time it held in hybrid format.

The delegation of the Republic of Belarus led by Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization Mrs. Natalya Gordeenko, and consists of representatives of Republican Unitary Enterprise of Post «Belpochta», attended the 27th Universal Postal Congress.

The elections of new members to the UPU Council of Administration and Postal Operations Council have taken place during the UPU Congress. The Republic of Belarus has become a member of the UPU Council of Administration representing the Eastern Europe and North Asia Group and also Co-Chair of Committee 4 «Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance». Qatar is another Co-Chair of Committee 4.

The newly issued International Reply Coupon (IRC) of Abidjan model has been presented in the framework of Congress.

Drawing of the Republic of Belarus won First Place in Design Competition for International Reply Coupon (Abidjan model). The UPU organized an international design competition amongst its member countries under the theme "Preserving the ecosystem - Protecting the climate.”

The new IRC created by the representative of the Republic of Belarus (illustration of 14-year-old Valeryia Tsimakhavets) will be used by the UPU member countries during Abidjan cycle 2020-2025.